Come eat a hot breakfast with the Men of Suncreek every second Saturday.
Bring a few bucks to help cover food costs.

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Wednesday Night StudyFOR THE LIFE OF THE WORLD - 8:30 p.m. across from the Round Room

Calendar of Events

Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m.
Men's Bible Study
in Room C128

Retired Men's Fellowship
They meet every 2nd Monday at 11:30 at Allen Café for lunch.  If you would like to receive emails about the group, email

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All Church Work Day
November 4th from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  
We will need gas and battery powered mowers, weed whackers, hand saws,  pruners, loppers, for the outside crews,  as well as upholstery cleaners and vacuums for the inside crews. 
We will need all skill levels, and have people inside and outside. Some examples of tasks are as follows.
Group A-
Clean sanctuary
Wash tables, white boards, and windows in classrooms
Clean chairs in Palmer Hall and Building A
Group B-
Weed flower beds
Clean up under trees in circle drive in front of Palmer Hall
Pick up large rocks and concrete and fill holes in South field
Plant bulbs
Remove Crepe Myrtle by Palmer Hall
Group C-
Move telephone poles from drainage area to edge boarder of Stryker Park
Trim trees to 6’ clearance
Clean up drainage area in South field
Remove dead bushes and stumps
These are some examples of tasks to tackle. We will tweak it as we get an accurate account of who will be joining us. Please sign up in the Narthex, or email if you will be joining us with the group area you would prefer and estimated arrival time. I also would really like to know if you have a vacuum or upholstery cleaner for us to   advance so we can plan. Please be sure to have your name on everything you bring so it can find its way back to you!




men01.jpgStudies show that American men have experienced a decline in the quantity and quality of their friendship and that the average man now has only two close friends.

The Men of Suncreek seek to build the deep, meaningful friendships that come from being "brothers in Christ."

Weekend Retreats
In the Spring and Fall, we offer Men's Weekend Retreats. These retreats provide an excellent opportunity for spiritual growth and relationship building. We invite the male youth of the church to join us for the Fall Retreat. Retreat activities include fellowship, devotions, bonfires, horseback riding, hiking, and horseshoe and washer tossing.
Attending sporting events, go camping, fishing and shooting on weekend retreats, compete in our annual golf tournament or serve together on a charitable project for those in need - these are some of the ways we grow as friends, through shared experiences.

E-mail Notices
Our group periodically sends out e-mail messages to remind members about the next meeting and other special activities. If you would like your name added to this list, send your name and e-mail address to Brian Smith at

Other Ways We Help

The United Methodist Men seek to support Suncreek UMC in a variety of ways. Members of our group often volunteer to help with other Church projects. We participate in Handy Helpers (home repair for seniors), Ramp and Roll (construction of ramps for the disabled), and the annual church-wide garage sale.

More Information
For more information, contact Brian Smith at




Our mission is to support spiritual growth among men, helping men to mature as disciples as they encourage spiritual formation in others.  When a man lives daily in faith, God is honored and many lives are blessed.  Transformed hearts are forged only within Christ-centered lives.

Everything desired from and through men comes as a result of men growing spiritually and becoming disciples of Jesus Christ: family blessings, stewardship, service, outreach, prayer, spititual leadership, lifestyle witness, and faithful obedience.



Every man has different gifts, graces and areas of interest.  Therefore opportunities for you to participate include diverse ministries of the church, such as missions, Bible studies, retreats, workshops/seminars, leading and participating on committees, teaching or attending Sunday school classes, youth ministries, scouting, mentoring and assisting in leading worship service.

Join with friends to serve God by serving others.  Grow in Christ by participating in the life of Suncreek United Methodist Church.

North Texas Conference United Methodist Men Website
Click on this link for information about UMM events in the North Texas Area.