2018 Church Council Committee Chairs  
Position Name End of Term
Chair – Church Council Jeff Mabrey 2021
Chair - Adult Ministries Joe Williams 2018
Chair - Children's Ministries Michelle Alexander 2018
Chair - Communications Technology Daniel Ingram  
Co-Chair- Congregational Care Elnora Smith 2019
Co-Chair- Congregational Care Brett Smith 2019
Chair – Finance Terry Benner 2018
Vice Chair - Finance    
Chair - Inviting Ministries Jeff VanCura 2018
Chair - Missions Jo Jacobson 2019
Chair - Nominations Rev. Barry Hughes -
Vice - Chair Gary Patterson 2018
Chair - Staff Parish Relation Committee “SPRC” open  
Chair - Stewardship Leigh Spangler 2018
Chair - Board of Trustees Bill Bair 2018
Vice Chair Joyce Voss 2019
Chair - Youth Council Bill Southard 2019
Youth Representative Cameron Hurst 2018
Director- Cantate Council Ben Turner  
Chair - Welcoming & Connecting Christy Adams 2019
President - Suncreek Kids Christian Preschool Cammie Talk  
Chair - Worship Council Ben Turner  
Communion Steward Brenda Harrier 2018
Acolytes Courtney Aberle 2018
Acolytes Ann Seward 2018
Ushers Brad Elcan 2018
Altar Guild Jackie Bohn 2018
Communion/Other Craig Young 2018
Lay Member to Annual Conference Brett Smith 2018
Alt. Lay Member to Annual Conference Judy Satrapa 2019
At-Large Member of Church Council Tom McGarity 2019
At-Large Member of Church Council Ann Seward 2019
Capital Campaign Consultant Tom McGarity  
Glory Bees Gail Wade 2018
Lay Leader Gary Patterson 2018
Membership Secretary Christy Parker 2018
President, United Methodist Women Paula Cheek 2018
President, United Methodist Men Brian Smith 2018
Scouting Christy Parker 2018
Usher, Greeters Brad Elcan 2018
Suncreek Kids Board of Directors            Cammie Talk 2018
Senior Pastor Rev Barry Hughes  
Associate Pastor Rev Milton Guttierrez  
Director of Music Ministries Ben Turner  
Minister with Children & Their Families Robyn Tschantz  
Minister with Youth & Their Families Erick Dahl  
Director of Community Ministries Janet Hunt  
Minister of Administration Ray Patterson  
Office Administrator Christy Parker