Dear Suncreek Family,

I am preaching this Sunday on Peters's ill -fated attempt to walk on water. I think Matthew is trying to teach his disciples that they can confuse other things for faith. What good is walking on the water?

Sometimes we feel we have faith, then we feel we don't. Maybe our trouble isn't that we doubt, but that we get distracted by something else that would keep us from truly trusting God.

 When I was a kid, I thought if I had enough faith, I could do great things. My mind was filled with Sunday School stories of lion's dens, fiery furnaces, shipwrecks and prison chains. Great things that great people of faith accomplished or endured. As I have spent my life in ministry -and as I have racked up a few birthdays - it seems that I really need my faith for the everyday things of life. Being true to my commitments. Loving people even when it isn't easy. Staying true to the values of Jesus while so many others have forsaken the teachings of the Golden Rule and the Good Samaritan. I try hard not to be distracted by the flashy and newsworthy things. I have learned those things can lead me away from faith.

Let's climb in the boat with the disciples and meet Jesus on the stormy lake this Sunday!

With an expectant heart,

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