Dear Suncreek Family,

This Sunday we have a wonderful opportunity to hear God speak to our entire congregation through our youth. It is Graduate Sunday! Three of our youth will be speaking at all three worship services. The youth Praise Band will lead our music at 9.30 and 11.00, with Cantate singing at 11.00 as well. Does it get any better than this! I want to have record attendance this week in support of our youth. Will you be in your place? I'll be looking for you.

I have such fond memories of such days in my church as I grew up. Singing, preaching, ushering - all these experiences helped me hear my call in life and tied me to the Church in bonds that never let me go. I imagine my first attempts at preaching were far from impressive. I remember my very first sermon; it was on the loaves and fishes. I wrote and wrote and wrote, thinking I had a solid hour of material. My 16 year old self finished in about 10 minutes! But I had the bug, and I have never gotten over it. I still get excited every opportunity God gives me to preach. I still get excited when a person professes faith and begins following Jesus. I still get excited when people make a commitment to the church. And it all started with a Sunday like this coming Sunday.

Be a part of the excitement. Who knows what might happen! It might even happen to you - or me!

With an expectant heart,


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