October Communion Offering
The communion offering will go to support the ministries of Allen Community Outreach and the Allen Food Pantry. These amazing ministries provide support for families and individuals who need extra support in tough times in our own community. They provide food, rent and electricity support and so much more. Allen Community Outreach’s mission is to help transform lives by providing essential human and social services in our community. The Allen Food Pantry provides food to hundreds of people every year. 100% of the communion offering will go to support people who are going through a rough time right here in our own community.








 Weekly Update from Pastor Barry

BBQ Fundraiser

Saturday, October 8 - Sunday, October 9
Delicious, high quality meats.  Hickory and mesquite smoked to perfection! Order all you want! All bagged and wrapped in foil for easy carry out.  Just enter the quantities of each. 
Pick up finished product at Stryker Park. 
They will be hot off the grill on Saturday, October 8 or cooled for later use on Sunday, October 9.

Suncreek Ukulele Group 
to start October 2nd

“The way I see it as soon as a baby is born he should be issued a ukulele”
-- Linus

Suncreek is starting a Ukulele group on Sunday afternoons at 2:00 p.m. in the round room. Kickoff will be October 2nd. Come out to learn the Ukulele, dust off old skills, or just have fun making music together. There will be a couple of ukuleles available during group time for you to use.

 Wheelchair Ramp 

Suncreek missions will host a wheelchair Ramp build on Saturday, October 8th leaving the church at 7:15 AM.  Contact Janet Hunt in the church office to register.

 Upcoming Mission Trip
October 26-30
Adult mission trip to Proyecto Abrigo in Mexico.

 Help Needed in Children's Ministry

Suncreek is growing and looking for Caring and Compassionate people who like to work with children.  This is a paid position that offers flexible hours during the weekdays and on Sundays.  If you are 18 years or older and are interested please contact Suzanne Corona at