Tom Palmer
I am reminded of a story tucked away in 1 Samuel 7 when the people of Israel had a resurrection experience of sorts.  By God's grace, they recovered the lost 'ark of the covenant' and staged a come-back victory over their nemesis (the Philistines).   In commemoration, Samuel gathered the people and set up a stone memorial of God's victory, calling it 'Ebenezer' or 'the rock of help.'  It was a powerful reminder of this truth - 'thus far The Lord has helped us.'   The same can be said for Suncreek.  During this month, let us intentionally savor and celebrate an "Ebenezer" moment - 'thus far the Lord has helped us!'  For God has indeed given renewed vigor and life to this 'Alive! in Christ' community.  We can celebrate that wonderful gift from God this Sunday as we experience Holy Communion together.  See you then!

Peace in Christ,