...Sunday Schools to Mission Possible Kids, Youth Mission Trips and Sunday/Wednesday Evening youth, Suncreek's younger disciples are truly "Alive! in Christ."


#8. I believe in the future of Suncreek because we have a high-quality Christian preschool (Suncreek Kids) that has an excellent reputation in the community.  On a chilly "public" enrollment morning this February, parents began lining up at 5:00 a.m. to get a spot on our 'waiting list.'  That speaks volumes!!


#7. I believe in the future of Suncreek

because we have a vibrant music ministry for people of all ages and diverse musical/worship expressions.  From the youthful Jubilate/Exultate and Sunchimers/Spirit Ringers to our remarkable Grace Notes... from the Cantate Youth Choir and Youth Praise Band to the inspiring Worship Team and Chancel Choir, Suncreek's sanctuary and hallways resound with high-quality, joyous music.   


#6. I believe in the future of Suncreek

because of your remarkable strides in financial stewardship.  Compared to just a few years ago, we are in a much stronger position financially as we faithfully support on-going ministries and at the same time pay continue to make significant progress in reducing building debt.   


#5. I believe in the future of Suncreek

because we are telling our story in new ways that engage our community through video, web and social media.  


#4. I believe in the future of Suncreek because hundreds of people are growing in biblical wisdom here each week.  Our Sunday Schools, Disciple Bible and other special studies ground us in the timeless truths of Scripture and mature us in the faith.


#3. I believe in the future of Suncreek because we have a wonderful, gifted, Spirit-filled Staff.  We are so blessed with a cohesive, supportive team of faithful (and fun) Christian leaders at Suncreek.  I wish I could clone every one of them (except Steve... there is only one Steve).


#2. I believe in the future of Suncreek

because of you.  You are an amazing, grace-filled community.  The fact that we welcomed new members on the day that we announced a pastoral reassignment underscores the quality of this wonderful family of faith.    


Finally, the #1 reason that I believe in the future of Suncreek because of our amazing God.  God is in the business of taking cross-moments and bringing forth resurrection hope.  And so as we continue our journey toward Easter again this year, let us do so with deep faith in our ever-faithful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  


Feel free to add to this list.  .   


Pastor Tom  


P.S.  If you were out of town on March 10th and would like to view last Sunday's announcement and Sermon, click here.  It may offer some helpful perspective regarding my appointment change.