as of September 2019

Favour Kanuni Group, Kenya

31 households
and a total of 106 children


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Janet Hunt, Marjorie McAloon, and Tracy Ullman represented Suncreek UMC in Kenya in July to witness the amazing work that the members of our three ZOE working groups are doing to become self-sufficient and empowered.  The members of the working groups are learning amazing skills, trades, or our working hard in school.  The amount of pride they have in their accomplishments and the love they have for Suncreek for giving the support so they can succeed is beyond words.  Each of them feels our support and love and want to make us proud of their accomplishments.  It is amazing what three years through the ZOE ministry can do to change the lives of so many.  The mission team was also able to meet our newly formed and brand new working group and see the hope in their eyes for their futures.

Testimonies from Previous Years

I have always dreamed of going to Africa and working with the orphans. It is something that has lingered in my mind for some time. This summer my dream came true.  On June 23rd I boarded a plane with six others to London...READ MORE

The Zoe Ministries Program in Maua, Kenya is incredibly amazing in so many ways:  the empowerment of the orphans, the safety and care it provides for them, the team building demonstrated and taught (both in the working groups and their communities)...READ MORE

I changed hotel rooms 3 times to get a toilet that flushed.  I slept on a board (I think they called it a bed) with a pillow that felt like Styrofoam.  I didn’t take a hot shower in 10 days.  But even with all that, my trip to Kenya to visit Suncreek’s ZOE working group was the most incredible trip I’ve ever undertaken...READ MORE



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