On January 18, 2002, the membership of Suncreek gathered for a visioning meeting in which members shared their thoughts about the strengths and characteristics of Suncreek UMC and their sense of what we should become in the future.  Attention was also given to the needs of our community, city, country, and world.

On January 19, 2002, a group of church leaders gathered to process the information gathered on the previous day.  They worked with enthusiastic energy to synthesize the information into a concise mission statement that would guide the church in the future.  The result was:


We are committed to seeing that every member of Suncreek United Methodist Church is “ALIVE!” in the spirit of Jesus Christ and his love.  This statement captures the sense that Suncreek UMC is an exciting and vibrant community of faith.  After experiencing our spirit and reflecting on our mission statement, our visioning retreat leader referred to Suncreek as “the church of the exclamation mark!” 


In Christ, we will celebrate faith through worship, Bible study, covenant groups, prayer, and theological discourse.  We rejoice in the gift of Christian faith and seek to nurture each other’s faith.  In Christ, we will build community and maintain intimacy within the intergenerational membership of the Suncreek family and within the cities that we live.  In Christ, we will serve the world through local and global mission as we seek to share the love of Christ with the least of these.

In 2006, church leaders reaffirmed the mission statement and decided to work to write a vision statement that complements our concise mission statement and further defines who we are and who we seek to be.  Consensus was achieved for this statement:

Alive! In Christ, Celebrating Faith, Building Community, Serving the World

Since then, it has been modified to our current mission statement:

“LIVING, GROWING and SERVING in Jesus Christ to Change Lives and the World.”

Providing a welcoming, loving, and grace-filled home for all people.

Challenging hearts and minds to a greater understanding of and commitment to God’s vision through dynamic worship, music, study, and outreach.

Serving our local, national, and global neighbors in the spirit of God’s unconditional love.

Join us as we seek to live this out!